Are you an EMT or paramedic looking to apply for a BSN program? There are many reasons why EMS professionals want to attend nursing school— increased pay and less hours in a less demanding setting means more time for a social life. Not too mention there’s a shortage of nurses world wide, making it a great field to break into.

If you’re a paramedic or EMT looking for the next step— read along as we explore the world of nursing and how your experience as an EMS professional would make you a great candidate (hello scholarships!) for a rigorous BSN program.

Consider why you want to be a nurse.

Why do you want to be a nurse? What qualities do you have that would make you a good nurse? Becoming a nurse will take schooling, money, and a whole lot of studying— you should be 100% committed to the process!

Write an awesome personal statement.

When applying for a BSN program, you’ll have to write a convincing personal statement detailing your professional medical experience. Use the personal statement to draw on your experiences in the world of EMS. Highlight the ways in which you collaborated with fellow nurses in the past. This is a good time to explain how you also worked in a high demand understaffed setting as an EMT or paramedic. Think practically!

While you’re still an EMT, be sure to educate your patients.

As a nurse, you’ll be educating your patients and teaching them about educational resources. Use your time as an EMT to get some early hands-on practice by encouraging healthy lifestyles in your patients.

Don’t forget to consider the specific field would you break into.

As an EMT, you’ll be able to experience a plethora of different medical fields. Do you want to be a pediatric nurse? Geriatric nurse? Maybe you are interested in exploring the field of mental health. Whatever you’re interested in be sure to pay extra attention to the nurse’s responsibilities so you can see what type of work you’ll need to execute in the future.

Okay, future nurses, best of luck to you. Let us know how your nursing application process is going in the comments section below.