Hey EMTs. 

If you’re new to EMT life and need some prep before attacking your first 10+ hour shift, this article is for you. 

Let’s talk about a few practical measures to make sure you survive the end of your first long shift in one piece. Shall we get started?

First, give yourself some credit. 

Not many professionals work long hours in such a demanding, fast-paced setting as an EMT does. Give yourself a little pat on the back— long nights can be tough. But you are way tougher!

Next, stay fueled. 

If you ever skip your breakfast, you’ll need to put those days long behind you. It is essential to stay fueled during this long shift to avoid fatigue, mental fog, and burnout. A hangry EMT is a scary thing— please don’t do that to your partner.

Remember why you started. 

During moments when you are tested remember the hard work and endless hours of studying you put in. You want to provide for your daughter? You want to make your parents proud and less worried about you? Whatever your reason for being an EMT is, let it motivate you. I suggest you set your inspiration as your phone background screen whenever you need a little extra boost. 

Rest when you need to.

Taking breaks throughout the day is the only way you’ll get through the long haul. Take short 5-15 minute breaks throughout your shift to recharge. Obviously don’t bail during emergencies, but be sure to take a breather during the moments you have some down time. Pacing yourself is key. You don’t want to deplete your energy in the first two hours. 

If you’re an EMT, you’ll be tired. But don’t give up! Breathe You Got this!

How do you prep for long shifts as an EMT? Let us know in the comments section below.