Every day people are choosing to begin a fulfilling career in the world of EMS. 

An EMT’s main duty is to assist people suffering major emergencies. You’ll be the buffer a patient has en route to the hospital, home, or mental health center.By gaining hands-on knowledge in the field of healthcare you’ll be able to jumpstart a career in nursing or firefighting. You’ll gain valuable knowledge that will make you stronger and wiser. 

So what’s it like to be an EMT student? Read along and we’ll let you know the basics. 

Expect a lot of studying.

There is a lot of knowledge to learn as an EMT. By covering all types of anatomy, disease, and healthcare protocol, your instructor will equip you with the basic knowledge needed to be an EMT. Form a solid study group of likeminded people to complete practice exams, brainstorm scenarios, and bounce ideas off of each other. 

Classes go by fast.

As an EMT you’ll have to work in a fast-paced setting. Being an EMT student is no different. Class will move by fast— that is why it is essential you be present every day, ask questions, and take detailed notes. Keep on track of your chapters by keeping an organized notebook and following along with flashcard definitions. 

Ride alongs are fun.

Ride alongs are fun ways to expose EMT students to the world of EMS. You’ll feel the adrenaline of being on call and experience the fast-paced nature of the job. Be sure to use this time to ask any pressing questions. Remember, there is no such thing as a stupid question!

So do you have what it takes? If so, check out our course offerings and see how you can get started.